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BTS, Blackpink, SB19, and Boys World compete for the Brazilian Awards 2023

BTS, Blackpink, SB19, and Boys World (Photo:disclosure)

Voting for the Brazilian LINE Popture Awards 2023 is open and one of the categories that is generating a lot of buzz on the web is Grupo Internacional Favorito, which has several well-known k-pop names and some new names.

Among the best known names worldwide are BTS, 5 SOS, Twice and Blackpink, among those on the rise are Treasure and SB19 and among the newest are the American girlgroup Boys World and the Latin girlgroup ANGEL 22.

Voting for the award will be open until March 18 and will take place on the official website of the Line Popture Awards 2023.

See the list of nominees for the Line Popture Awards 2023

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